Why study with an Iyengar Yoga Teacher?

It seems these days everyone is taking a quick course of study to become a yoga teacher in a mere few months.  I also know that after 20 years of practice, becoming a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher is the only path I am willing to take. Iyengar yoga has the most rigorous yoga teacher training program in the world. It is considered the gold standard of yoga teacher training. Teachers who certify in this method really know how to teach, and teach safely.

Here’s an overview of the requirements for certification, a process I began in September of 2017:

A 2-year course of direct study, followed by a long apprenticeship with at least one Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Passing an in-person demonstration to a panel of three certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher assessors over 2 days. The criteria for passing include, but are not limited to:
– the ability to deliver clear instruction
– the ability to demonstrate poses clearly, so that students feel inspired to learn them
– the ability to show poses in different stages and variation so that beginners can learn at a pace that gives them confidence in their skills and the ability stick with and grow with the practice
– the ability to demonstrate adaptations to poses so that some version of a pose is available to any student
– the ability to teach poses to a wide range of students
– skill in observing and correcting students
– skill at personal practice
– ability to teach pranayama (breathing exercises)

A comprehensive written test that includes detailed  knowledge of:
– human anatomy and physiology
– the philosophy and history of yoga (including the yoga sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads)
– Working knowledge of spoken and written Sanskrit
– Competence in teaching concepts.

As a student teacher of the Iyengar Yoga method, I am well equipped to teach individuals and groups to practice basic yoga poses safely. I explain the names of poses and concepts in plain language. I make sure no one gets left behind or does anything they aren’t ready to do.

I teach you how to do yoga poses safely by first showing the whole pose. That way you know what it should look like. I break it down into its composite parts or segments. I sequence your learning so that each segment is a complete and satisfying on its own and so you can use it to master the next one. This step by step approach is what will give you the ability and confidence to progress to more complex poses.

Because this is an intelligent system of related pieces, you will develop a mental map of what the poses mean and what they can do for you. You will learn that any pose done well will help you with all the other poses. You’ll able to do poses on your own because the map you are learning makes to you.

I look forward to working with you!